New Adventures in Bead and Thread

Well friends, here is what I am experimenting with right now. I am adding needlework to some of my digital collages that are on paper. These are seed beads. And yes, I drop them regularly. And yes, they are going everywhere!

Seed beading by hand is time consuming. But it is also pleasant and kinda meditative. I am working with smallish prints now as I decide on what I like and what I don’t. I am liking this one, so I’m framing it under glass, and it’s going to the gallery.

With this next experiment I am working with color instead of clear beads and am liking this red over the prickly pear fruits on the cactus.

Red seed beads are all hand-stitched on. Next, I am doing some green beads.

Nope. I am not happy with the green seed Beads. I am taking them off with a seam ripper. Since the holes are already in the paper, maybe I’ll try adding embroidery floss for practice.

Feels a little like two stitches forward, one stitch back — that’s just the nature of explorations. And yep, I am having all kinds of fun!