Dreaming of Butterflies: The Quindío Botanical Garden

I once made a trip to Colombia and had the great fortune to find the Quindío Botanical Garden. The grounds are a dense jungle of trees, ferns, flowers and birds. But the best part is the spectacular butterfly house.


When you enter, you are immediately surrounded by these beauties as they flit about and alight on the garden’s ferns, palms, flowers, and bamboo trees.



I am still have endlessly inspired from this visit.



This is artwork is called "Emperor Butterfly" and so is the actual butterfly called Emperor Butterfly.



It alights peacefully above a bed here to encourage the sweetest dreams.



And this is my recent artwork "Monarca Colombiana.”



What a welcoming entryway filled with the good cheer of this delight.


And this inky saturated red beauty is called "Scarlet Peacock" as that is also the name of this butterfly.

I just love it in this sophisticated hotel lobby.


Maybe this beauty should be the subject of my next artwork. . . . What do you think?